Snoop: Overall thoughts about Iceland

Iceland was very cool, but cold. I could live there if it was warmer. The food was wonderful, and they have a large assortment of different foods. One other thing I would want to change is the volcanic activity and movement of the whole country. Iceland is on 2 tectonic plates, the American plate and the European plate. They keep on pulling apart. There is a big rift in between them. In 600 years or so, maybe Iceland will have to be Iceland 1 and Iceland 2 if they split all the way apart. After the last big earthquake there, 2 cities are now 37 centimeters farther apart than they were before the earthquake.

Iceland does not have very many trees.

Our guide said it was because in the 1700s, men burned the women that they thought were witches and they ran out of wood. Now, all the elementary school kids plant 10,000 trees a year to have new forests grow. Most of the time, you just see moss on the volcanic rock. I also found out that trolls are usually ugly, fat women who only come out at night and eat little kids. Also, elves are important here. They always wear silk, and more than 60% of the people who live in Iceland believe in elves.

It might be a bit loud sometimes. That is because the fishermen are protesting a new quota system that the government wants to make. Also, during the summer, you can choose if you want it to be morning any time because it doesn’t really get very dark at night. It is the same thing in the winter, but with the dark.

The best things we did in Iceland were: visiting the huge waterfall, Gulfoss, swimming at the Blue Lagoon and learning about the cool calcium seats, but not the slimy part that gets under your feet, and, the horseriding and lava caving were really fun. I am going to do another video post on the waterfall.

Iceland was fantastic.

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