Today we seized a magnificent opportunity for a private, guided ride on Icelandic horses with Viking Horses ( We rode with Ragga, the CEO and had a fabulous time. She’s in the photo with Snoop, below. The people and the horses couldn’t have been more lovely.

It was wonderful to have a geography, science, history and cultural lesson along the way (not to mention the stunning scenery), discussing everything from elves and trolls to how Alaskan Lupines made it as far over as Iceland which is interesting, since Iceland wasn’t part of Pangaea. We also learned that Snoop has a major allergy to horses. Poor Snoopy enjoyed the ride, even with eyes and nose “watering” for the duration.

The highlight of riding Icelandic horses in particular was their unique gait, the TOLT. It is the smoothest, most amazing gait to watch or ride.

We are great fans.

The only minor mishap was that my beautiful young mare, Princess (Suck it up, Tracy!), tripped, she, ending up with her nose ¬†and front half in the rocky dirt, I, ending up with my whole body there. After not being on a horse for going on 20 years, an unwelcome reintroduction to the activity — but a good reminder that living things are perfect in their own way. I am sporting some attractive road rash on my bum. And, on my very first wearing of the cutest.pants.ever., they were initiated with a pencil eraser sized hole in the left “cheek.” (Now what do I do with my favorites out of commission, with only 3 pair of pants for the next 400+ days? Does Athleta ship to Ireland, our next destination?) Thankful that I did a full workout yesterday morning before we left the apartment, including glutes, as, this morning, I believe they need a day off!

Ragga’s dog, Brutus, has the toughest life of any dog – lying about on the couch being admired, napping, enduring endless pats and bus from visitors. I feel sad for him.

After our ride (and with a bag of ice over Snoop’s eyes for the swelling), we made our way in to some incredible lava caves.

All in all, a marvelous day, thanks to Ragga and her crew.

The wardrobe casualty count stands at 2:

J’s sunglasses courtesy of gravity and the floor of the Blue Lagoon changing room.

My fave pants. We hardly knew ye.

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