Around the World with ONE Carry-on bag apiece

Last night at our incredible “Bon Voyage” soiree, numerous people gaped in disbelief that a female person* can travel with everything she needs for a year in a 14x9x22 carry-on bag. Here is what fits in my bag**:


Packing List:

3 pairs shoes – light hikey, Mary Janes, workout shoes
5 pr socks – 3 pr. anti stinky Smart Wool and 2 pr. for workouts
5 pr undies
5 bras
1 swimsuit
1 sarong
1 dressy tank
1 dressy top
6 short sleeved shirts
3 long sleeved shirts
1 really long dressy black skirt that doubles as a dress or beach coverup
1 fleece
1 jacket
1 rain jacket
1 dressy black cardi
4 pr. pants (2 unzip to shorts) trying to make it 5 – and none of them denim. This MAY be an issue. My posterior hasn’t been without denim for extended periods in, umm, ever.
1 pr. shorts
1 hikey/skorty li’l number
Green Tom Bihn bag holds: bandanna, smooshable water bottle, eye shade, ear plugs, tissues/TP, 3 zippy bags, Wet Ones, laundry line
Red Bihn bag holds: Toothbrush, floss, soap, just in case meds – allergy, tummy misfortunes, headache, Malaria meds, Aspirin, Vitamins, cute little first aid kit (Thanks Sheldon, Lucy and Amanda!)
Clear Bihn bag holds: Toothpaste, moisturizer, sunscreen, Neosporin, asthma inhaler, sanitizer, lavender sleepy oil, mascara


Stay tuned for Wednesday, we’ll try to post a photo of us, all packed up and ready to hit the road.

*- I only wear make-up quarterly or less often, maybe there’s a small advantage there.

** – Laptop, phone, travel journal, passport/visas, funds, book and chocolate go into messenger-y type bag. Photo includes wardrobe pieces that I’ll wear on the plane, so subtract 1 of each of the basics.

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