Patrick Stewart could read the phone book

Stratford-Upon-Avon, how do we love thee? Here are the top 5 reasons why, one week into it, we have reached our happy place:

1. The Arden Hotel – nothing short of perfect. Excellent room, great food, helpful staff, best location.

2. The Oppo on Sheep Street – our best meal so far with Sticky Toffee Pudding that is nothing short of a religious experience (had to go back tonight for a second helping).

3. Great walks, along the river and in town. We found the cutest Harry Potteresque store called the Creaky Cauldron. They sell unicorn hair and phoenix feather wands and heaps of spells and charms.

4. Geocaching – we just found out about this whole geocaching thing before we left. Big fun, trying to dig around inconspicuously for film canisters with logbooks.

5. RSC. Save best for last. We were fortunate to get tickets to a performance of The Merchant of Venice today. Instead of the tired, traditional Italian setting, the RSC has updated the play to modern day Las Vegas – complete with cigar chomping, Jersey-tawkin’ mafioso Solanio. The absolute highlight was SIR Patrick Stewart, who has to be the sexiest man walking, as Shylock.  He was fantastic.
He could read the phone book and I would be all a-twitter. He makes a great looking older Jewish man. Be still my heart.

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