Snoop: Sydney

Happy Easter!

I was delighted about 2 things. #1 being that the Easter Bunny left us chocolate when we are on the road. And, #2. That we got chocolate in a Jewish household. Even better, it was chocolate from Haigh’s, my favorite Australian chocolate, no less.

For Easter, we sat in the Apple store for hours getting my mom’s computer fixed. In that time, I got to play with all of the iPad’s new apps. I learned about MineCraft which my friend Kiara told me about. It is part engineering and part survival.

I thought the Opera House was cool. We got to see it from all different sides.

Also, we saw the Harbour Bridge from up super close to kind of far away. The best was when we went under it on the cruise ship. We were less than 20 feet from the underside of it.

We also visited Manly Beach. It is a pretty beach, but, I liked the Gold Coast beaches better. I am getting pretty spoiled on beaches.

I would easily rate Sydney a 9 and a half out of 10, because it felt very safe, they had great food and, even though it is a big city, it felt sort of small to me. My mom will put the video together soon.

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