Snoop: Port Douglas, Australia

In Port Douglas, there is a nice beach, and there are a few streets called town. There is an awesome place called Mocka’s, and, their potato topped pies are the best I have ever tasted.

Our house for the week has 2 floors, one for me and one for my parents.

On Sunday, we went to the Farmers’ Market. They had some awesome stuff. I really liked these cool salt/pepper shakers with no holes, salt crystal deodorant which my dad is raving about, some cool stainless steel sculptures of fish with stained glass behind them, and, delicious sno-cones. If you ever go there, get the cherry mixed with cola, so, when it melts, you get this sweet, fruity goodness.

In Port Douglas, you cannot swim outside of the nets at the beach, due to marine stingers and saltwater crocodiles. The locals have 2 kinds of crocodiles, salties and freshies. I bet you know why.

We also went to “On the Inlet” in the hopes of seeing them feed a giant grouper. We went there with my parent’s friends, John and Linda. John does all of these crazy dive trips where he goes in the water with tiger sharks and stuff like that.

While I liked Mocka’s pies and the Wildlife Habitat (with Cody and Sampson, the koalas), it is too buggy for me. I got 26 bug bites during my stay there.

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