Snoop: Melbourne

I like Melbourne. We have a great apartment that is really close to the tram line. The tram is very convenient and takes you almost anywhere in the city. It is a big city. There are over 4 million people living here.

Did you know that the continent of Australia is almost the size of the United States? It is a little smaller, but, did you know that the entire population of the country of Australia could fit in to the top 8 cities of the United States? ¬†They have 22 million people and the U.S. has 330 million? It is a huge difference. When we were shopping for my dad’s birthday present, a saleslady told us that the store, REI sells more outdoor products than the entire country of Australia does.

I guess we didn’t do all that much in Melbourne, but, we did try a lot of chocolate stores, and, we visited St. Kilda Beach which was not as pretty as the beaches in Adelaide and Perth, but, there were a lot of nice people.

So far, Australia is cool. It is a lot like being home because everybody speaks English and it is easy to get around. I like it.

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