Snoop: Stratford-Upon-Avon

I really liked Stratford a lot. I wish we could have stayed there longer. We stayed at the Arden hotel. It is just across from the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre.

We got to see the Merchant of Venice, a Shakespeare play set in modern day Las Vegas.

Have you seen the Merchant of Venice? I liked the TV show called “Destiny” the best. The rich girl, Portia, and her maid Nerissa were the hosts of the TV show. They both had funny Texas accents, so when Portia would talk about her maid, she would say her name like “Neeyyuuurrisssuuuuuuhh.” On the show, when a man wanted to marry Portia, they had to pick a box made out of either gold or silver or lead. Two of the boxes had jeweled skulls or a clown in them, they were the WRONG boxes. One of the boxes had a picture of Portia. If the King or Prince or whoever, picked the correct box, with her picture, he got to marry Portia. What box is the right one???

We also had the best sticky toffee pudding at a place called The Opposition. We ate there 2 nights in a row. They also had good mushrooms, they were bathed in garlic+olive oil.


We walked around town for a day and we got to see the biggest bunny I have ever seen. His name is Bumpers, I think. With his ears up he is one foot tall. He loves to snack on yummy willow leaves, he also loves nothing more than a good pet or to bounce around and watch his dad, who is a juggler.

He is just down the street from the Creaky Cauldron, a store that is supposed to mimic the Leaky Cauldron from Harry Potter. It had all kinds of memories in crystal balls from the movies and had the books. There were wands from HP1, a tea room with chocolate frogs, spellbooks and some spell packets like good luck and, last but not least they had a CD of the Harry Potter movies’ greatest songs from HP1-7.

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