Snoop: Inle Lake

I love our hotel. It is one of the best hotels we have stayed at. We have our own little house. It is built on stilts in the lake. It is called Myanmar Treasure. You get there by a one hour boat ride. On the way we passed these men with great balance. They can throw a fishing net into the water with both hands, and steer their boat with one leg. They stand ON A BOAT, a little boat, on one foot and they don’t fall in the water.

We did a lot of seeing things at the lake. Some of the coolest things were:

  1. Have you ever walked on a floating garden?  If not, I would try it. It is like being on a waterbed garden. Just be careful where you step, because the water comes up over the sides.
  2. Have you ever seen big gold nuggets? We saw 5 of them. Each one was bigger than your head, or, my head.  They used to be Buddhas, but, so many people put gold on them, now they look like nuggets of gold.
    We learned a funny story, that in the 50’s there was a huge procession on Inle Lake for the King. On the Royal Barge with him were the 5 Buddhas. The boat sank and the people could only find 4 of the Biddha images. Then, one day, the 5th Buddha showed up at the monastery with seaweed still on his head.  I will finish the video soon.
  3. Did you know that each village in the lake does one kind of craft? We saw a lot of crafts being done, like blacksmithing (they made knives, gongs and scissors) and weaving.  There is one village that only does weaving. They do everything by hand and with old fashioned looms. They do not have electricity. They did very unique weaving with lotus stems.  It takes 8000 lotus stems to get enough for a 1 ½ meter scarf. I will show you the process they used in a video soon.
  4. Did you know that Burmese cats were extinct for many years in Burma? We had lunch at this place that now is a cat sanctuary. In 2004, a man from Hong Kong decided that Burma should have its native cats living there, so he brought his purebred cats to Inle Lake. Now there are more than 30 cats there. They are beautiful, and very spoiled. They have a daytime house, a night time house, and, they even have their own island with private cat pagodas on them.

Inle Lake was pretty and we had some cold weather at night. That was nice after sweltering for the last few weeks.

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