Snoop: Pompeii

Pompeii is a super huge abandoned city.

There used to be 250,000 people living there before Mount Vesuvius erupted. It is a big volcano that you can see from Pompeii. The city was covered by pumice and ash. In some places it was covered with 10 meters of ash. That was good for two reasons:

1. Lava is hard to remove, but ash and pumice are easier. Even though they cool and solidify in less than 24 hours.

2. It makes the city stay almost the way it was, so, it is very well preserved. Well, the roofs got blown off.

In the ruins, they also have some people. We learned how they made them. When they were excavating there, they uncovered air pockets with bones in them. Since it was 2000 years ago, almost, that everything was buried, the people’s bodies went away leaving just their bones. So, when they found any air pockets, they poured liquid plaster in them. It made a replica of what was inside of the spot where the person used to be. It was creepy seeing their faces.

You may wonder why people didn’t run away from the city and the volcano? I learned 2 reasons. First, because the first eruption happened early in the morning before people were awake. Second, with all the ash, there was also all kinds of poisonous gases that came there and so, people suffocated in their sleep. Then, the ash covered them. THEN, there was also an earthquake after the two eruptions.


Here is my video from Pompeii:

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