Snoop: Gladiator School

We spent an afternoon learning how to become gladiators. Did you know that a female gladiator is called a gladiatrix? They had female gladiators 2000 years ago, and, our teacher was a gladiatrix.

First, we learned all about the history of being a gladiator. I learned that, if you were a slave and you won 30 fights, you could become a professional gladiator. To be a professional gladiator was like being a rock star in Ancient Rome. You could have dates with anyone you wanted, and the fights you were in were like wrestling is today. You could not be killed if you were a professional.

We also learned about how the Roman armies were so successful. It was because they were smart. Here are  things I learned about how they won through smartness, not strength:

1. If you put onion on the blade of your sword or knife and cut your enemy, their blood will not clot very well from the onion.

2. More people died after a battle than during one because, the Romans just tried to cut someone a little bit and wait for an infection to kill them.

3. They made a tool to pull walls down. Since everyone built walls that were fortified from the inside, if you pulled, instead of pushing, you could get in to forts and towns easily.

4. Roman army people only fought for 3 minutes each. Plus, they saved their veteran fighters for the 5th line of men. By the time the enemy had been fighting for 15 minutes, they were super tired and easy to kill for the veterans.

5. The Romans tried to learn from everyone they conquered so they could make the best weapons.

After hearing all about them, we got to try on some of their armor and helmets. They were very heavy. Did you know that all of their equipment and supplies could weigh 70 pounds or more and they walked for miles every day with it?

Then, we got some wooden swords and learned how to fight like a gladiator. First, you get warmed up with exercises like moving between swinging sacks of sand. Then, you learn the basic moves. Then, you fight.  I fought against my mom (she is sneaky) and my dad (he is fast). It was a great day. I will post a video soon.

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