Snoop: Best gelato in Florence

We visited the top 4 gelaterias in Florence, and, we tried a lot of their flavors. My dad almost always gets half pistachio and half chocolate or vanilla. My mom goes a little bit crazy and orders different flavors depending on I don’t know what. I usually get Cinnamon or Stracciatella if they have those. If they do not have those, I get chocolate or caramel or mint or vanilla.

We knew the GROM would have good gelato, because we had GROM almost every day when we were in Venice. Of all of the gelato places we have gone, GROM has the best vanilla and Stracciatella.

We went to a place called Pérche No which is close to GROM and the Duomo. Out of all the places we have been, it had the best pistachio, but not as good vanilla or chocolate or anything else.

We visited Gelateria dei Neri, and they didn’t have any flavor that we thought was the best.

and then, we visited the best place ever, La Carraia. It is over the bridge from most of the big museums. It is amazing. The best gelato I have ever had in my life. They also have these gelatos called semi-freddos. They are like ice cream but not all the way frozen. They have this chocolate mousse semi-freddo that was paradise. We went back the next night, and I got the huge 5 Euro bowl of it. Their chocolate ice cream was stellar also. And, they had yummy After Eight and Amaretto.

We saw in the GROM that they have GROM in the USA now, in New York and California. I wish La Carraia would open in Denver. When we leave Italy, I will miss getting gelato every day. 🙁

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