Snoop: Florence, two fails in one day.

Today, we tried and failed to get the Florence card. In Italy, they call Florence, Firenze. The Firenze card is this little, blue card and it lets you skip the lines at the major museums for 3 days. We learned, at the hotel, that kids are free. So we went to this place called Palazzo Vecchio and tried to buy the card. Apparently, you need to be from the Eurozone to get the card without paying for kids (note to self, practice British accent). And, you can only buy the card at one place.

After that fail, we went to this museum called the Accademia. We did have a bonus of getting in for free after 7:00 at night, but, we learned that you are not allowed to take pictures of my mom’s 500 year old boyfriend, David. My mom was bummed. AT least she found out you could not take pictures right after she took one.

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