Snoop: Highlights in Vienna

I can’t believe we have already been gone for two months. It seems like it has been maybe 2 weeks. But then, at the same time, I feel like we went to Iceland a LONG time ago.

My favorite things that we did in Vienna were:

The labyrinths and maze, the zoo, and the Mozart concert.

The labyrinths and the mazes are part of the gardens at a palace called Schonbrunn. They were all really fun. The maze had games to play inside of it. They were very hard, but very fun.

I also loved visiting the zoo. They had a lot of penguins with the funky yellow hair sticking out of the sides of their heads.

They had an ice machine in their building and it was so funny, when the cleaning man came out with a vacuum for their water tank part, all the penguins jumped around and ran away from the man. They were so adorable!

They also had panda bears at the zoo. It was one of their birthdays today. Happy Birthday. I am not sure which one is which.


They were also very adorable. My favorite animals, koalas were there too. I have loved koalas since I was in kindergarten. They are the cutest animals. I love them. I can’t wait to get to Australia to cuddle and snuggle with a koala and scratch its cute, little ears.


The other fun thing we did was go to a Mozart concert. I am doing a video about it, so I hope you will see it soon.

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  1. Great!! We loved the maze at Schonbrun too. Glad you got to see the zoo and the koalas (love those fuzzy little guys). Shirley and Ahmet

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