Snoop: Musee d’Orsay

First off, I would not recommend this museum. That is why I am making this blog post very short. Here are the main reasons why I was disappointed:

1. You cannot look through the clock like in Hugo Cabret.

2. There was no trace that they had used this station in the movie. I learned later that the writer of Hugo Cabret only used this place as the inspiration, and the movie wasn’t filmed in there.

3. It was very hot in the museum.

Here is the good stuff about it:

1. They had some good art in pointillism. Some of them had big rectangular dots and some had little dots you could barely see.

2. The architecture of the building was very nice. My thought is, look outside and then look through a window.

3. They had a pretty big collection of Van Gogh that is only there for a little while. I liked his self portrait.


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