KBK: 2014 Europe videos

I suppose we are a little behind schedule – just getting videos up from 6 weeks ago. We must be having a little too much fun.
Hope you like them:

Paris – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQdmY3Vmw90

Norway – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8UTCjrgReg

Poland – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzmJXjIDXKE

Hungary – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhfBqjlPQ5w

Italy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGXqf4THAC4

Italy Part 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Xr3t0N0siY

Former Yugoslav countries – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gha8tgERf3Y

Snoop: Catania, Sicily

Today, I learned how to make Italian food from a chef named Lory.
For the appetizer, we made ravioli stuffed with eggplant. Making the pasta and the filling were easy, but, trying to keep the filling inside of the pasta was really hard. Mine kept on exploding.
For the side, we made a vegetable dish called caponata. It was very tasty. For the main, we made Sicilian fish rolls, which were decent. For dessert, we made cannolis, which were the best thing of the lunch. We made the shells and the guts. I could have eaten a dozen of them.
Overall, the lunch was just what I needed to tide me over for the rest of the day.

Snoop: Valletta, Malta – Amorino Gelato

Today, I had the best gelato ever. It was in Valletta, Malta, at a store called Amorino.
I tried the dark chocolate, the vanilla, and the salted caramel. All of them were stellar, but Mom’s speculoos flavored ice cream stole the show. If I could go back to Amorino, I would get the dark chocolate, the speculoos, and the pistachio. I would go back to Malta just for ice cream.

Snoop: Bosnia

We wanted to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sadly, our port was in Croatia, so to fix that problem, we drove for 2 hours to get to Bosnia. It was kind of strange to see so many buildings with giant bullet and bomb holes in them.
The main thing we saw was the Mostar bridge. It was bombed due to political problems, and the pieces fell into the river. When they rebuilt it, they put in parts of the old bridge. When we were there, we saw a man jump off of the bridge, and into the water for money.

When we saw a video about the bridge, they showed a scene of one of the men jumping off of the bridge in the 1990s. (It is 80 or 90 feet to the water.)It turns out that the man who jumped off of the bridge back then was collecting the money now. Bosnia had a distinct culture, and their metalworking was fantastic.

Snoop: Slovenia – Skocjan Caves

Today, we visited Koper, Slovenia. We drove up to Lake Bled which was really pretty. We rode down the scary toboggan track too.

My favorite part of the day was visiting this huge cave system. I have never seen a drop like the Skocjan caves. When I walked into the caves, the air was musty, and everything was dark. In the last room, there was an underground Grand Canyon, and there was a winding path on the edge that was far above the ground. I have never seen anything with such magnitude.

Snoop: Kittens in Sorrento

Ruben is from Sorrento, Italy. He is 8 weeks old and we met him at our bed and breakfast. Ruben is by far my favorite cat. He is smaller than his brother, Kevin, but what he lacks in size, he gains in agility. Sadly, after he eats, all Ruben wants to do is sleep, but his brother keeps attacking him while he is trying to sleep. When they fight, Kevin is bigger, so he usually makes Ruben fall over. If Ruben decides to fight back, he always jumps on Kevin, and, Kevin is onto Ruben’s game. Ruben is not the smartest cat, but he is the sweetest.

I wish we could have kittens in our house, but, Mom is allergic to them.

Snoop: Budapest, Hungary – Chimney Cakes

Have you ever heard of chimney cakes? If not, you should look everywhere for them. Chimney cakes are cooked around a wooden dowel, over a flame so it bakes,

and it comes apart like a cinnamon roll. We learned about them when we were walking down a street, and came across the Hungarian Beerfest. There was a man making the chimney cakes, and we tried them. Sadly, we only learned about them on our last full day, and that evening, we got two more, one for now, and one for the plane flight. They were the best thing we ate in Hungary.

Snoop: Budapest, Hungary – Claustrophilia

While I liked visiting Budapest, my favorite activity was in a disused apartment block. Claustrophillia is a game of puzzles. There are three rooms, and you have one hour to escape. In the first almost dark room, you need to find the key to the next room.

Once there, you need to solve all kinds of other really hard puzzles, with no directions or anything. When you get really stuck, there’s a lady who will give little hints through a walkie-talkie. When our hour was up, we were almost into the last room.
It looked insanely hard. I want to open one of these places in the U.S. It was so cool.

Wieleczka Salt Mine, Poland

The salt mine is deep underground. First, you take 50 flights of stairs down to the first level of the mine. Then, you go through a tour of the first three levels. You end up 135 meters underground. Sadly, the other levels are off limits; they sounded the coolest. They said that there were salt crystal caves, but you had to have a special permit to go there. Finally, you enter a big room, and it is a salt church, with life sized salt statues, and salt chandeliers. The salt mine was fun to visit. When you get out, you can taste the salt on your lips since there is so much of it in the air.

Auschwitz, Poland

Auschwitz is the saddest place in the world. There were 1-1.5 million people killed there, and we saw spoils of what was there before. There was a room dedicated to women’s hair and the German textiles made from it. It was sick just to hear about, but to see it, it was even worse. There were other depressing rooms, like a room with all the shoes of the people the Germans had killed. Overall, Auschwitz made me sick.